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  • Quality Engineering
    Valued Relationships
  • Quality Engineering
    Valued Relationships
  • Quality Engineering
    Valued Relationships
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NEWS: TREK now has an Environmental Engineering Division click below to learn more.

Services Geotech


Soil, rock and groundwater are inherently unpredictable. Our expertise is focused on effectively managing your risk of variable ground conditions.

Services Water

Water Resources

Earth and water go hand in hand. We provide hydrological and hydraulic analysis and design services.

Services Materials

Materials & Construction

On-time and reliable Quality Control and Quality Assurance are key to the successful completion of your project or reputation as a supplier. TREK provides timely and reliable results for all your aggregate, concrete, asphalt and field-testing needs.

Services Enviro


Water, air and soil pollution are complex problems. We have decades of experiences identifying and mitigating environmental risks for government and commercial projects.


TREK’s team of experts offer innovative solutions across a wide variety of markets and geographies. See the markets sectors below for how our team can help.

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Our business is all about people. Trust gained through reliability and integrity forms the foundation for our success, in addition to quality engineering services that our clients have come to expect from a Growth 500 company.

TREK Geotechnical team on site

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